Friday, 3 August 2012

Designer Interview: Nikita Karizma . .

Studs and spikes. Frigging fabulous. These have been the focus of new fashion talent Nikita Karizma's graduate collection Fashion vs Abuse which has been a massive success. 

Coming from a fashion background with her parents owning the luxury Asian clothes boutique Variety Silk House, Nikita has had fashion in her blood. I met the lovely Nikita when interning at Asiana magazine a few years ago and she was a first year at London College of Fashion with an environmentally friendly range of bags that turned into dresses.

Fast forward a few years and Nikita is now a First class LCF graduate, FROW at London Fashion Week with a celebrity following, dressing the likes of JLS, Alexandra Burke and UK girl group Little Mix. Not only does she design, in her spare time she dances, models and presents for various Asian channels (phew, I'm exhausted just making the list). I caught up with her to talk fashion, family and the future. . 

1) It's been a few years since the Asiana days! How do you feel your designs or inspirations have changed since we last met? 

I developed my design sense a lot while studying at London College of Fashion. We last met when I was in my first year so a lot has changed since then. I took a placement at Tesco menswear for a year and learnt a lot about the western fashion industry and now have developed a style which I call ‘punk meets a socialite’

2) How did it feel being frow at fashion week? Such a huge achievement at such a young age!

It was a lot of fun! I dressed X Factor’s Kitty Brucknell this season for LFW and she caused a massive media frenzy in 3 of my outfits which was an extraordinary experience for a young designer. 

3) Your parents must be so proud! Are you planning on designing for their store any time soon? (Nikita's parents own the exclusive Asian clothes boutique Variety Silk House)

I am focussing on western garments for my label Nikita Karizma but I did collaborate with them to create a quirky menswear capsule line of blazers which are out soon. 

4) What or who inspires you?

Superheroes, the armed forces, the punk period, leopards, listening to M.I.A. and chanting eastern sacred mantras allows my design work to flow out of my heart.

5) What tips would u give to new fashion graduates or anyone trying to get into the biz?

The industry is pretty cut throat, it is important to have a plan, be cautious with who you work with and study the craft solidly. Make sure you really do have a passion and drive for design rather than getting drawn into the press and glamorous side of working in fashion.

6) What are your favourite fashion stores?

The Year Zero Boutique is crazy, Harvey Nichols, the World’s End Westwood store & any Marc Jacobs store.

7) How did it feel working for X factor and did you feel any pressure?

Working for The X Factor was amazing, the most beautiful experience in my design career to be given such an opportunity by Laury Smith, something I will always be so grateful for. I had a 3 day deadline to make 28 silver terminator harnesses, Amelia’s pink dress & 4 porcupine shoulder spikes for Little Mix so the time pressure was on. 

8) What are your upcoming projects to look out for?

I am currently working on the JLS tour for my next commission as a young designer so keep an eye out!

Check out all of Nikita's upcoming work at:

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